Care for Your Mental Wellbeing in the Winter

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As the temperatures start to drop and meteorological winter starts to set in, there are lots of things that we need to prepare for – for most people the first thing that springs to mind of course is Christmas – but the most important thing that you should be doing as winter approaches is prioritising your mental health.

During the winter there are a number of things that can cause mental illness to develop or worsen and caring for your mental wellbeing is something that we all should do as winter arrives. The lower levels of sunlight are a big factor in the development of mental health problems but certainly not the only one.

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Spending more time indoors is something else that can cause us to feel more down – wrap up warm in knitted jumpers and an irish flat cap like this and get out into the countryside to enjoy the fresh air and also for the exercise that will help your brain and your body.

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Something else that can take its toll is actually the stress of Christmas. So much pressure can feel like it is on us at this time to make the festive season perfect – however, now is the time to think about what you can do realistically, ignore the marketing and advertising hype, and spend time focusing on what Christmas really means to you. Even if you are not religious, it could be a nice chance to spend time with family and a rest from work!

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