Documents you should always shred

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In an era of identity theft and instances of fraud relating to stolen data, it is important that you destroy documents that contain important information. There are a number of different ways that you can do this from residential shredders through to using a Confidential shredding Oxford company like to take away your confidential items for you.

Here are some of the documents that you should always shred.

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Medical information

Any letters that you receive from your GP or a hospital consultant should be shredded. These letters will continue personal information relating to your health and may also contain your NHS number. If you need to share any of your medical details with employers etc, make sure you ask them how this information will be stored.

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Financial documents

This can include everything from bank and credit card statements through to letters relating to pensions or investments. If you are not planning on keeping the statements or letters you should ensure they are shredded. If you can, it is often best to go paperless and have your bank statements sent to you either electronically or through a banking app.

Insurance documents

When your insurance policy renews, it is important that you shred the previous one. These documents will often contain a lot of sensitive information about your health, your car and your home and it is important that this information is stored safely and destroyed carefully.

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