What’s it about Ireland that we love?

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One county above all others seems to have the world’s affection turned towards it. The land of Ireland is seen as being a great place to live and work plus it’s people are reckoned to be fun and full of a sense of humour. They are also viewed as being passionate for a good time and fiercely patriotic.  How did this come about?

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The first thing is that alot to Irish people have left the old country and moved abroad. The diaspora as it is called was where a huge number of Irish people left Ireland so that they could find a better life. They mostly went to North America like Canada and the USA. Others went to South Africa and some even further to Australia and New Zealand. As is the way with these things they take the culture with them and introduce it to the new nations or they link up with those already there. This is why the cities of New York and Chicago celebrate St Patrick’s day so loudly and wisely.

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This culture is easy to see in its influence. Guinness for example the drink of the nation is available pretty much everywhere you go as an option in pubs either as a bottle or draft. Not only that there are a hundred Irish themed bars the world over to drink it in. In terms of clothing Aran Sweaters like those from Shamrock Gift are also a perfect Irish look.

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