Different Ways to Clean Difficult Parts

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The various ways to clean awkward objects include water extraction, sanding, painting, scraping and ultrasonic cleaning. Water extraction is the oldest technique and it involves putting water in the space between the dent or scratch, using a powerhead to agitate water out and removing the dirt with a squeegee. Sanding is also used to remove small imperfections, but it is very labour intensive and also not suitable for all materials.

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Ultrasonic cleaning is a relatively new method that is used to clean a wide variety of items. It uses high frequency sound waves to remove small particles such as dust and grit. This type of cleaning is very gentle, but ultrasonic cleaning is also very effective. This type of cleaning is very effective for typically hard to reach areas or intricate objects where normal cleaning methods would be too time consuming and ineffective. For a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner, go to www.hilsonic.co.uk

As the ultrasonic cleaner cleans by cavitation, there is no damage caused to the item being cleaned. This means ultrasonic machines are suitable for use with delicate, fragile and small objects where normal cleaning methods would prove too damaging.

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Normal soap can often be too abrasive for some delicate items but ultrasonic machines can be used without the need for harsh detergents or scrubbing. It is also possible to bulk clean in such a machine, saving time and effort for businesses in particular. Ultrasonic cleaning is often used for instruments, golf clubs, dental and medical appliances, engine parts and jewellery.

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