Natural Gas. Where it comes from.

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Gas is a fuel that we use a lot in the home and in industry. We rely on Gas quite heavily to provide us with heat in our homes and the ability to cook our food. We have learnt how to use gas safely via kitchen hobs and Boilers. However the safe maintenance and Boiler Installation Cheltenham, Swindon, Gloucester Swindon or wherever you are is paramount. At least you can be sure that will make sure a good job is done. Where do we get this gas from and why does it smell so pongy?

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First of all, natural gas does not smell. The smell is added so that you, and the engineers can detect if there is a leak. The gas itself comes from deposits deep underground. Gas. like oil and coal is a fossil fuel. This means that we basically get it from organic matter that has been heated by the earth’s rocks millions of years ago.

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The places where we get gas from were once under water. Dead plants and dinosaurs were slowly covered in time by mud from the sea bed or land. Trapped beneath the earth this material is heated and turns over the years to fossil fuel. So, when you turn the oven on your basically burning what’s left of a Brontosaurus!

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