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Winter apparel is more than cozy sweaters and warm scarves. Because we are always looking to stay warm, we forget that there are stylish ways to be cozy in the winter, without giving up pieces like skirts and dresses. Sweater dresses come in many styles and knowing how to wear one could bring a lot of elegance to your cold season outfits. In this article, we took two different types of sweater dresses and made a casual and a formal outfit with each of them. You can also check out Vogue for a more in depth look at the sweater dress trend and the endless possibilities of wearing one. We’re sure you can find something suitable for your style so get reading and get ready to impress everyone at the next event you attend.

Bodycon knitted dress

The first dress we are talking about is the stunning looking bodycon knitted dress. This is a piece that will never disappoint and that can be styled in so many ways that it becomes a must-have. Whether you prefer a turtleneck dress or a V-neckline, a bodycon winter dress will look elegant, while being easy to wear. Let’s take a midi dress, in a neutral color, with a turtleneck as our main piece.


For a more formal look, you will add a pair of heels, put your hair up in a stylish messy bun and accessorize with bold earrings. This look is effortless to achieve, yet it looks extremely put together and elegant.


If you are looking for a more casual way of styling this type of dress, all you have to do is switch the heels with some classic boots and you will be comfortable, but trendy for sure. Add a colorful scarf and a coat to the look for even more warmth and a pop of color to this outfit.

Aran stitched vintage dress

Going into a more vintage approach, the next suggestion for a sweater dress look has a unique touch to it. An Aran knit dress has the traditional stitches that make it the centerpiece of any outfit, while keeping you comfortable and warm. For our outfit suggestions we will take a V-neck, brightly colored cable dress that you can find here


You can style it as it is presented in the images, with a white shirt underneath and a pair of plain boots, for a daily outfit idea. Keep the make-up simple, add a long coat on top and you will be comfortable all day long.


If you are thinking of wearing this dress to a more elegant event, we have that option for you. Take a black turtleneck, keep the black tights, and add a pair of under the knee heeled boots. Adding your colorful dress on top of an all-black layer will make sure all the attention is on that piece and because of the beautiful details of this dress, that is all you need for a stunning look. Keep the accessories simple and go for a wavy hairstyle.

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