7 benefits to use activated charcoal soap

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Today we will be showing you 7 ways to use activated charcoal soap for your skin and hair. Activated charcoal is not only to detoxify and energize, it is also wonderful to treat skin and hair problems. Coal is not only good for your grill – its detoxifying properties work for both the hair and the skin. These days, people use activated charcoal soap as a form of detoxification, adding a little to their shakes or meals, but charcoal has much more potential. The results after using activated charcoal are incredible and will make it difficult to find someone who has not been the same.

How to use activated charcoal soap

Activated charcoal soap works by attracting toxins. So any toxin that is in your body, skin or hair, coal works as a magnet to extract toxins and leave your body healthy. Whether you use it internally or externally, coal will provide you with a series of benefits that you will want to continue to use over and over again!

#1. Reduce the Size of the Pores

Because we are constantly exposed to environmental pollution, these toxins can penetrate your skin leaving it unhealthy. Using an activated charcoal mask can remove these toxins and also clean the pores and reduce their size.

#2. Reduces Fat

Do you have oily skin or hair? A soap or activated charcoal shampoo can remove the fat. Use sparingly, about 1 time or twice a week since you do not want dry skin or hair.

#3. Treat Acne

Face masks and activated charcoal soaps are wonderful for treating acne. Because they extract dirty and toxins, these soaps will leave you with a quick clean skin!

#4. Deep Cleans

Nothing is better for a deep cleaning than activated charcoal. Activated charcoal will penetrate your pores deeply to give your skin the cleanliness it needs. It will remove toxins, black spots and dirt. You can use a deep activated charcoal cleaner 1-2 times a week.

#5. Heals and Soothes Stings

Applying activated charcoal cream to bites and / or scars can cure you in half the time than other creams. It also works amazing with big bites.

#6. Releases Toxin Hair

Activated charcoal shampoos are very popular nowadays because they can free your hair of all those toxins in a fast and efficient way. Releasing hair from toxins will make it stronger and less prone to breakage. Activated charcoal also reduces the amount of loose ends and leaves your hair softer.

#7. Add Volume

Using activated charcoal shampoo can also add volume to flaccid hair since it is an excellent fat remover. Not only that, it will also heal the itchy scalp and make your hair more manageable.

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