Weirdest things found in sewers

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If you have drain problems, you’re probably expecting something along the lines of trapped grease, possibly pests but you’d most likely not be expecting any of the following things! Here are some of the weirdest items found in drains:

A rave

Yes, in 2017 partygoers decided to meet up in sewer tunnels to hold a rave party! The attendants walked through dirty water to reach a dry area where light and sound systems had been installed. The event was organised on social media but someone eventually called the police at 4am who broke it up and advised on what a dangerous place it was to hold a gathering!

A cow

Unfortunately, sometimes cows can indeed become trapped in sewer pipes. Even a live cow was found in such a predicament when a Chinese farmer went searching for his missing animal. About to give up, he heard a strange sound emanating from underneath the village. A manhole cover was lifted and the cow popped his head up! When you want peace of mind, there’s nothing blocking your drains, consider CCTV Drain Surveys London from

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Yes, whatever goes through the human body will end up in the sewer and drugs are no exception. When sewage is analysed, it can actually record the amount of drug use in a community which is greater than initially thought and peaks during times of celebration.

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Almost $2 million in gold travels through the sewers under Switzerland every year. It is believed to be flakes of gold from all the jewellery and watchmaking that takes place in the country.

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