How to support those with poor mobility

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There are many reasons that people can find themselves in situations where their mobility becomes an issue. This could be as a result of an accident or injury or in some cases it could be due to a medical condition. It is important that we try to protect our mobility as much as possible so that we can retain our independence. There are ways in which those with poor mobility can be supported and here are just a few of them.

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Mobility Aids – there are a number of different pieces of mobility equipment that can be found from places like that can support people with moving. In some cases, this could be general walking aids such as frames and walking sticks, or it could be more supportive items such as wheelchairs.

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Strengthening – it is possible to help support a person’s mobility through strengthening their muscles. This can be done through stretches and exercises like Yoga and Pilates. It is important that you only undertake these kinds of exercises under the supervision of a professional teacher to ensure that you do not find yourself in a situation where you are unstable on your feet.

Posture – by maintaining your posture it is possible to help improve your mobility. It is important that you look at our posture at regular moments during the day to ensure that we haven’t started to slouch and slump as this can cause further issues in our back, neck and shoulders.

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