Could You Design A Website?

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If you’ve got a head for design, love being creative, and know your way around a computer, then web design could be your career. Web designers create the visual content you see on a website, including the colours, font, layout, and formatting. When you think just how many millions of websites there are, you can see that there will always be a need for web designers. 

What will I need to know?

Some primary programming languages, such as HTML, Javascript, Flash, or PHP, will come in handy. Search Engine Optimisation knowledge will also be beneficial. You’ll find loads of free resources online to begin understanding the basics, but as web development is an ever-evolving field, be prepared for ongoing training and learning. For more information on Web Design Cheltenham, take a look at

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Am I suited?

One of the essential skills is a good eye for aesthetics. Take a look at things around you and many websites and get a feel for what looks good, what works well, and any ideas you have that could improve something. If you’re passionate about design and technology, then that’s a great place to start.

 Will I need a portfolio?

When you’re looking for work in this field, it pays to have experience. When starting, it’s unlikely you’ll have any clients, so the best way to showcase what you can do is to design your website. Eventually, you’ll need to build up a portfolio, but you need an online presence initially, so launching your own site is the best idea. Always test your work before you launch and treat it like a paid project with deadlines and schedules.

 Stay up-to-date

Once you have compiled a portfolio, keep it updated as web design changes quickly, so you don’t want to get left behind with outdated work. Maintaining your presence on trend is the best way to market yourself. Think about creating your brand and market yourself as a professional designer. Success doesn’t very often happen overnight, but with some perseverance and patience, it can be a fun journey.

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Skill Set

Excellent communication is vital for dealing with clients or developers. You will be able to express yourself clearly and confidently, and explain your design ideas, why you chose them, and how they are the best choices for the client. Planning is another essential skill. Sometimes inspiration hits like a lightning strike, but most times, a bit of planning can kickstart that inspiration. You’ll also need to spend time researching your client’s business and finding out what competitors and related industries are doing.

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