A vase of flowers is a beautiful sight

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You don’t always need a special occasion to enjoy stunning fresh flowers in your home. Flowers bring joy to a decor, as well as to those who enjoy their beauty and fragrance.

It is one of the reasons that people like to get their flowers from a Florist Tewkesbury as you can be sure that they have cared for the flowers during their time in the florists and are also able to give you some hints and tips on how to make the most of staging them.

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Here are some tips and hints for helping your beautiful bouquet last that little bit longer:

It is very important to cut your stems at an angle when you bring them home. This will prevent the stems from sticking to the bottom of the vase, and preventing water absorption through the stem. The angle of the cut increases the area that can be used to absorb water. This will give your flowers the best chance of flourishing while they are on display. For more advice, visit a site such as flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/

Keep your vase’s water fresh by removing any flowers or leaves that are below the water level. The reason for this is that leaves below the level of water in a vase will begin to decay, and become slimy and sticky. They’ll also eventually smell bad. The quality of water that the plants receive will be affected so any vegetation that sits below the water line should be discarded on preparing the flowers.

Avoid cold water. Most people simply a vase from the cold tap but you may not realise that cold water causes air bubbles in the stems, which then block their ability to absorb water. Tepid water will prevent this and make your flowers last longer. Sugar can be added to water to help nourish your flowers. This rule does not apply to spring bulbs, such as tulips or daffodils. They do prefer cold water.

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Separating your fruits and flowers is also a good idea. Have you noticed that placing bananas too close to other fruits can make them decay faster? The same goes for cutting flowers placed near a fruit bowl. The ethylene present in fruit causes the flowers to decay prematurely so move fruit bowls away from where you wish to display flowers in a vase.

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