How CCTV Helps to Fight Crime

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Making sure that we keep ourselves and our homes safe is important, and locking doors and windows, using alarms and getting someone like this CCTV Cheltenham based company to install cameras in our homes are all things that we can do to give our homes protection and for peace of mind when we are not at home.

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CCTV has been well designed to help reduce crime. As well as being used around the home, it has been used for decades in public spaces to help keep them safe. From airports to shops, to streets in busy cities, CCTV is a reassuring presence to many, as it is also a deterrent to many people.

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CCTV footage can be used as evidence too if a crime is committed and caught on CCTV. If you have been mugged for example and think it has been caught on a CCTV camera in a public place, you have the right to gain access to the footage and you can ask for it. If it is in a public place such as a street, then you should contact the local council immediately, or if it is in a shop or other privately owned place, speak to the owner.

Once you have the footage, this can then be used by the police and the courts to identify and convict the criminal for their actions, so it is well worth having CCTV in both public and private places.

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