Budget ways to dress up a window

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If your windows look a little bare, giving them a makeover doesn’t need to break the bank! Here are some budget-friendly things you can do to dress up your windows.
Decorative Film

Window films are a low-cost way to improve privacy and dress up your windows. They also allow you to experiment with different patterns. If you’ve ever wanted to try stained glass windows or frosted mirror finishes, window films are a good choice.

DIY Roman Shades for a Bay Window

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Add Roman Blinds

If you want to dress up your windows Cirencester, or other places in the UK, try adding Roman blinds. According to the New York Times, designers love Roman shades as they soften windows, but unlike curtains, they won’t drag on the ground.

You can DIY Roman blinds with any material you’d like. Whether you use linen for warmer weather or keep things luxurious with silk, there are several Roman shade tutorials which you can finish in an hour.

Wood Valances

If you like the rustic trend, try making a wooden valance. You can get replacement windows in different styles from places like https://www.truhouse.co.uk/double-glazing/windows/cirencester. Once you’ve chosen your wood, cut some pieces to size and attach them with screws. Add a wood stain or a shiny coat of paint, then you’re done.

Add Lace

Lace net curtains are classic and evoke romantic designs from the Victorian era. You can give your windows a vintage feel by adding lace to your frames.

lace curtain

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The material doesn’t need to be luxurious, as lots of fabric suppliers sell affordable lace. This is also a chance to repurpose any old lace drapes or clothing at home.

Stylish windows don’t need to cost the earth. So if you’re on a budget, try some of the window decor options in this post.

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