How to Spruce Up an Old Conservatory

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A conservatory adds value to a property but it can easily lose its lustre over time. Luckily, there are some simple ways to bring it back to life and keep it looking brand new.

The key to upgrading a conservatory is making it feel like an authentic part of the home rather than just a summer room. This can be achieved by continuing flooring ideas throughout the ground floor to unify the space and styling it with living room staples such as sofas and armchairs. Textural fabrics for upholstery and rugs will also help to create that homely feel. You might also consider making the space more usable in both summer and winter. Consider the benefits of Conservatory Roof Conversions. Find out more about Conservatory Roof Conversions by going to Pro Ceiling.

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Another way to spruce up a tired conservatory is to repaint the glass panels. This can be a quick job for DIYers or a more involved project for builders. A good specialist conservatory builder will be able to recommend a range of different paint colours and finishes so you can find the perfect hues for your sunroom.

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Another way to bring the garden into a conservatory is to grow trailing or cascading plants. This will not only make the space feel more ‘outside in’ but it will also look lovely as a feature and create a calming atmosphere. This can be reinforced with a natural decor theme and a calming colour palette such as soft greys and greens. Add a wow factor with statement pendant lights and you’ve got a conservatory to be proud of.

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