What are my rights if a parcel goes missing?

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Losing parcels is exasperating. That moment when you eagerly anticipate a delivery, only to find it’s vanished into thin air, can be incredibly frustrating. The endless waiting, tracking numbers that lead to dead ends, and unhelpful customer service responses can drive anyone up the wall.

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When your parcels go missing, there are steps you can take to fix the situation. If you have purchased a same day courier Edinburgh and have a missing parcel, start by contacting the delivery service or courier company. They can initiate an investigation and provide updates on the parcel’s last known location.

When your parcel encounters delays or goes missing during transit, you may be eligible for compensation. The specific amount you can claim is contingent on several factors, such as the duration of the delay, your chosen courier, and the delivery service type you’ve paid for.

If you have used a same day courier Edinburgh All About Freight or any other reputable delivery service provider should reimburse you for the delivery service’s cost at the very minimum. This is because, in such cases, the courier has essentially failed to meet the standard of delivering the service with ‘reasonable care and skill,’ and this constitutes a breach of the Consumer Rights Act.

Parcel Insurance

Additional cover for a parcel, often referred to as parcel insurance, is a level of protection beyond the standard compensation offered by most courier services. It’s advisable to purchase extra insurance coverage when sending high-value items via courier to cover the cost of any loss or damage.

How to claim for a missing parcel with Royal Mail

1. Contact Royal Mail’s customer service. You can do this through their website, by phone, or by visiting a local Royal Mail Customer Service Point.

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2. Request an investigation. They will open a case to look into the matter. Make sure to note down the case reference number for future reference. If necessary, you can then send your complaint to Royal Mail’s Postal Review Panel by emailing postalreview@royalmail.com or by writing to FREEPOST, Postal Review Panel.

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