Located in North Somerset, conveniently close to the City of Bristol and the M5 Motorway, you will find the lovely town of Portishead

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Driving South along the M5 Motorway towards the City of Bristol you will find the lovely coastal town of Portishead.  Located in North Somerset close to the Severn Estuary, the town has a population of approximately 25,000 local inhabitants.  The families that live in Portishead are proud of their Environmentally friendly contributions to help reduce Climate Change and slow down Global Warming. Working in collaboration with a local, experienced, professional company such as Redbridge and Sons, the Portishead home owners are investing in Solar Panel Installation Portishead and embracing Solar Power.

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By harnessing the powerful rays of the sun and using this sustainable, natural light source to help run the electricity in their homes, the environmentally friendly families of Portishead are doing all they can to help our fragile planet. Working in harmony, together with their highly skilled Team of local Solar experts the homeowners are reducing their individual Carbon Footprints and reducing their energy consumption and electricity bills.

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Having a long history as a fishing port, Portishead is now a thriving coastal town with a beautiful marina and popular residential areas. Being only eighteen miles northeast of Weston-Super-Mare, this thriving town has easy access to their miles of sandy beaches, as well as all the seaside activities on offer there.  The town itself offers a diverse range of local retail stores as well as many of the larger chain stores, such as, Sainsbury’s, Homebase, Argos and Pets At Home.

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