What common items can be ultrasonically cleaned?

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Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses high-frequency sound waves to create microscopic bubbles within a cleaning solution. The bubbles create a gentle scrubbing action which removes dirt, dust, grime and other contaminants from various objects.

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What can you clean with an ultrasonic cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaning can be used to clean a wide range of items, such as:

Coins and collectables

Coins, collectables, and small metal objects can easily be cleaned as the process helps to remove dirt, tarnish, and oxidation.


Ultrasonic cleaning has been used in the dental and medical industry for many years. Instruments such as forceps, implants, dental tools and surgical instruments can be cleaned and sterilised with ease.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses

Ultrasonic cleaning is suitable for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses and other optical lenses. It can effectively remove smudges and fingerprint oil without damaging the lenses or coatings.

Vinyl records

Dirt and debris can collect in the grooves of vinyl records over time, which affects their sound quality. Records can be placed in a large ultrasonic cleaner and cleaned easily within minutes. Most cleaners can clean 12 records in one go. Some large ultrasonic cleaners are available which can fit 24 records inside..


Ultrasonic cleaners are commonly used to clean jewellery, including rings, earrings, watches and watch parts, necklaces, and bracelets. The gentle, yet powerful action of the ultrasonic waves helps to remove dirt and oils from intricate designs and hard-to-reach areas.

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Electronics and printed circuit boards

Some electronic components and parts can be safely cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaning process. For example, printed circuit boards, computer parts, keyboard keys and small electrical connectors can be placed in a large ultrasonic cleaner. Most Items take between 2 and 20 minutes to be effectively cleaned.

It is important to ensure beforehand that the items are suitable for immersion in a liquid-based cleaning solution. It must be remembered that ultrasonic cleaning may not be appropriate for such items as porous materials, some electronic components, and soft gemstones such as emeralds, opals, coral pieces, amber and pearls.

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