The Head Offices of Nationwide, Intel, the UK Space Agency and the Zurich Insurance group.

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Swindon Town in Wiltshire is the location for the Head Offices of some of the biggest and most successful companies in the United Kingdom and the whole world. Nationwide Building Society, The UK Space Agency, Intel and the Zurich Insurance group all have their Head-Offices located in and around the town. As you can imagine there are mountains of confidential waste materials to be discreetly and professionally removed from all of these secure environments. A local Confidential paper shredding Swindon agency can be called upon to remove any paper waste and shred it in an environmentally friendly manner.

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With many career criminals turning to Identity Theft as a way to make their ill-gotten gains, the thorough and professional removal of any waste paper is more crucial than ever. Personal Documents that contain names, addresses, band card details, Insurance information and strictly confidential materials MUST be disposed of regularly, thoroughly, professionally and in an environmentally friendly way.

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The Intel company are specialists in the Electronics Industry and produce Semiconductors, Computer Hardware, Autonomous Cars and are major investors in the world of Artificial Intelligence.  Their forward-thinking and futuristic research and inventions must be protected at all costs so they rely heavily on the safe, effective and professional removal and shredding of all their strictly confidential waste paper. The United Kingdom’s Space Agency Head office also based in Swindon is another example of a secure environment that relies on a professional disposal expert to remove all their waste materials thoroughly.

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