Why We Should Plant More Trees

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Most of us have a pretty good idea as to why we should plant more trees. Trees are a part of nature, which oversee the air that we breathe, our food supply and our climate. Trees have been around for thousands of years and in fact they have been the dominant plant on Earth for all that time. They do however need help for them to flourish and grow. Trees need good soil, plenty of water and a host of other things and if we do not help them in some way or another they will wither away and die. For help with your trees, contact a Tree Surgeon Poole at a site like Poole Tree surgeon Kieran Boyland

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In our present day society, we are trying to do our best to limit our carbon footprint as well as we can but sometimes, we just don’t have the time or the resources to keep working to help our trees to grow. We do however have some options to help our trees grow. One option is to actually try and make our own mulch from wood chips. This can be done fairly easily and at a very cheap cost. It also makes a great mulching material if you do happen to have the wood chips lying around.

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Another thing we can do to help our trees grow is to plant them in our gardens. A backyard orchard is a great way to enjoy the fruits of your labour, literally! A compost heap will help your trees and the rest of the plants that are in your garden because it will help the nutrients in your soil be released into the ground.

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