Is it possible to move a gas meter?

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Gas meters are used to measure how much gas is used in your home, helping to determine your monthly bill. They play an important role in ensuring you are paying the correct amount, but there are times when a gas meter may need to be moved.

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Why would a gas meter need to be moved?

It may be that the location of a gas meter is making it difficult to take readings. Your gas meter may also need to be moved if you are making structural alterations to your home, such as an extension.

How do you move a gas meter?

The distance you want to move your gas meter is all-important here. If your gas meter needs to move less than one metre from its current location, it is likely the work can be done by your gas supplier.

If, however, the meter needs to be moved more than three metres, matters can become a little more complicated as the work will probably need to be carried out by your gas network operator.

If your gas network operator is carrying out the work, you may still need a registered gas engineer to carry out preparatory work such as digging the ground or to reconnect the supply inside once complete.

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How much does it cost to move a gas meter?

The price will vary depending on several factors including the distance it is moving, how long it takes, whether new connections are required, whether any other work (e.g., decoration) is required to complete the process, and whether it is your gas supplier or network operator doing the work. If your gas network operator becomes involved, the job will likely cost between £400 and £1,000, depending on the amount of work required.

You might also want to invest in a new metal gas meter box from a supplier such as, to provide a secure, safe and attractive home for your meter.

You should never attempt to move a gas meter by yourself. Always seek the services of a qualified and registered gas engineer.

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