Farming jobs this winter

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The end of October is the traditional time when the harvest has ended. What we now know as Halloween was originally the Celtic festival Samhain, when the harvest season was over, and we got ready for the winter months, hopefully with enough food stored to see us through.

Of course, nowadays we have constant access to food in supermarkets, but we should remember the farmers that play an important role in put food production at this time of the year. As the harvest comes to an end, they are far from stopping work, as the beginning of winter throws a new set of jobs into the mix. Life never stops moving on the farm! Here are a few things that will be going on now at farms…

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Looking After the Animals – Some of the animals will now be sent off to slaughter, but others will need more protection through the winter months. The cold weather means that stables and barns need to be sufficiently warm, and also animals need to be protected from predators. It is also a time when treatment for parasites such as worms will need to be given.

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Repairs – The machinery that helped with the harvest can now stand down for a while – but there may be repairs that need to be made so that it is ready to go next year. Farmers will be replacing trailer parts like these from Auto and Trailer, and fixing harvest machinery such as combine harvesters ready for the busy harvest once again.

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