Would you go “Back to the Future” if given the chance.

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Marty McFly aided by Doc Emmett Brown travels back to the future in the box office science fiction hit film of the same name.  Would you risk altering the precarious time continuum by travelling backwards and forwards in time in a souped-up DeLorean car powered by plutonium, and possibly ending up in a parallel universe?  Marty accidently goes back to the year 1955 from the present year of 1985 and ends up meeting his parents, Lorraine and George, before they fall in love and marry.  Lorraine falls for Marty and has a major crush on him that stops her from entertaining the awkward attentions of her other possible suitor George McFly who is bullied by a young Biff Tannen.  When Marty left 1985 his mum was an alcoholic and his father a meek and mild man bullied by his boss, an older Biff Tannen.  Marty’s friend Doc Brown, who invented the Time Machine gets gunned down by the terrorists that he stole the plutonium from on the night that Marty travels back in time.

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With no way of powering the DeLorean to get back to 1985 Marty seeks out the much younger Doc Brown who explains to his young friend that the only way to achieve enough power to time travel again is to somehow harness a lightning strike!  Personally, I would much rather Find a van to rent in Bristol from a Van Rental Bristol company and have a reliable form of transportation.  Going Back in Time to Marty and the year 1955, Lorraine suggests to Marty that he accompany her to the school dance, desperate to get his mum to fall for his dad Marty agrees, while hatching a plan for them to meet and fall in love.

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The original plan goes wrong but when Biff tries to kiss Lorraine and touches her inappropriately, an enraged George knocks out Biff with one punch and he ends up taking Lorraine into the dance where they eventually kiss and fall in love. Marty and Doc manage to harness the power of a lightning strike to the car and Marty manages to get back to the present day 1985.  Things however have drastically changed, and George is now Boss to Biff and a successful writer while Lorraine is fit and happy.  Things in this instance worked out well but tampering with the intricate laws of science and messing with time could have catastrophic consequences!

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