Ideas to Spruce Up an Outdated Kitchen

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The kitchen is the hub of the home – the place for intimate weeknight dinners, after-school snacks and family gatherings. It’s also a space where outdated features can stand in the way of your everyday enjoyment.

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Thankfully, the kitchen is one of the easiest rooms to update. A simple touch of paint or a new set of cabinet handles can refresh the look. If you’re willing to splurge a bit more, consider upgrading your appliances. Stainless steel remains the most popular finish, but there are other options too that offer sleek lines and contemporary appeal. When you need a Kitchen Refurb, contact the Kitchen Refurbishment Company.

Another quick way to spruce up an outdated kitchen with a Kitchen Refurb is with the right lighting. This is important for any room, but it’s especially critical in the kitchen, where poor lighting can make tasks difficult and the whole space seem dated. Consider replacing your light fixture with something more modern or add recessed lights under cabinets for pretty ambient lighting after the sun goes down. This is a fairly easy DIY project, but it’s always best to hire out the work if you don’t feel comfortable messing around with electricity.

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Finally, don’t forget the smaller details that can give your kitchen a major boost. New dish towels, pot holders and other kitchen accessories can add a pop of colour and help to freshen up the overall look. Or try a creative budget kitchen idea, like painting one wall with chalkboard paint, designed for use with chalk markers, to create a striking focal point that you can personalise with notes and reminders.

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