What is the fishing like in Ireland?

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If you love fishing or even if you want to try it out for the first time in a beautiful setting, Ireland is the perfect place. There is some of the best fishing anywhere on earth in Ireland.

There are many inland lakes, rugged coastlines and beautifully serene rivers and people here can enjoy a wide range of different fishing in all such locations. Whether you are looking to rent tackle, charter a boat or looking for bait, you will find all you need across the Emerald Isle. To get the perfect Irish fishing souvenir, consider Aran Sweaters, Visit Shamrock Gift

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There are large populations of sea and brown trout, as well as salmon. Course fishing is big here and the lakes are full of trench, pike, carp, bream and perch. At spots where the sea meets the estuaries, anglers enjoy fly fishing and can do so surrounded by stunning scenery and being in the great outdoors.

Some tips for budding anglers include looking for a specialist angling accommodation as the owners will have lots of useful information and knowledge of the fishing in the local area. These establishments will also be located in prime fishing locations.

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Permits and licences will be needed for specific fishing, such as salmon fishing and there are some rules on rivers and estuaries that only fly fishing is permitted. Make sure you are clued up on the rules and regulations for each area and get permits as needed for private venues.


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