Basketball courts: the regulatory measures ready for play

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The measurements of the Basketball courts with its official dimensions according to FIBA apply to all the competitions regulated by this entity that is the governing body of basketball worldwide.

Have you ever dreamed of putting together your own basketball court on your sprawling backyard to enjoy with friends? The importance of the measures involved in Basketball courts to play basketball is simple to perform.

What is Basketball?

Basketball courts

The basket was born in 1981 in the hands of Professor James Naismith in the city of Massachusetts, United States. It is divided into 4 periods of 12 minutes in the NBA and 12 minutes in the FIBA.

The game is made up of two teams of 5 players, in which they try to reach the other ring by punching the ball on the ground Basketball courts  with their hands and dunk the ball in it, where within the area marked on the playing field close to the basket counts as 2 points, out of it, at 4.6 meters, worth 3 points and 1 point from the free throw line

The basket

Basketball courts

The basket board is a rectangle of 1.05 x 1.80 m, at least 30 mm thick and with the lower edges padded. In the lower central part, there is a painted rectangle of 0.59 MX 0.45 m and that is raised from the board by the lower part 0.15 m, inside the rectangle is an approved swingarm that holds the basket that measures 0.45 m, the basket It grabs the inner rectangle at its center. The hoop of the Basketball courts must have a diameter of 45.7 cm., The inner rectangle is used to calculate the shot, and when hitting it the ball is inserted into the basket. The hoop is located at a height of 3.05 meters and is provided with approved networks.

The requirements for the Basketball courts

Basketball courts

If you want to start your own place to rent a basketball court or for your own benefit and fun with friends, there are several characteristics that the court must possess and they are very simple and can be used following several key points. The characteristics and requirements to be followed are the following:


Basketball courts

it must be flat, persistent and its measurements have to be 28 meters long and 15 meters wide. The court must have a rectangular shape and be empty of any object that may be an inconvenience.

General plan:

the court must be divided into two equal parts with a line crossing the width. In the middle of the court, a circle with a diameter of 3.6 meters is marked. The circle must have the equal measure in both parts of the court, which will result in a circle with a line that crosses the middle, with the measure of 1.8 meters radius (the line that separates both equal parts of the court).

The rings:

these must be located at a height of 3.05 meters and 1.20 meters from the bottom line of the court. At 5.8 meters from the bottom line is a line is drawn parallel to this from where the free throws will be thrown, which is 4.6 meters from the basket and 5.8 from the bottom line. A circle is also composed in the line of shots, which is formed by 3.6 meters in diameter.

The baskets have a rectangular shape with a measure of 1.05 by 1.80 meters and the ring must have a dimension of 45.7 centimeters.

Shots of 3 points:

Basketball courts

There are two characteristics Basketball courts in terms of 3-point shots in basketball since in the NBA the line is at 7.24 meters from the rim and in the FIBA this is only 6.75 meters away.

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