Ten Considerations When Searching for a New Home

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Buying a new home is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make and sometimes one of the most stressful. Here are ten considerations to take into account when you’re searching for a new home.

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Many people base their decision on a short viewing of a property. There are lots of things to look our for. Here are some ideas: https://hoa.org.uk/advice/guides-for-homeowners/i-am-buying/top-tips-things-not-to-forget-when-viewing-a-property/.

For ten top things to look out for, consider these:

What’s the Area Like?

It’s important to look at the local area – things you may be looking for if you want to be close to shops, schools or stations. On the other hand, being too close to a school can mean there are parking problems at drop-off and pick-up times. Too many places serving takeaways or a bustling night scene might mean the area is noisy and has crime problems.

Damp Problems

Check for signs of damp in a house, which may mean costly problems. Signs of damp can include a musty smell, watermarked walls and ceilings and flaking plaster.

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Room Sizes

Work out what you need in a house – the number of bedrooms and also the size of the rooms. Consider the size of bathrooms and kitchens too.

Structural Problems

Look for signs of structural problems, such as cracks in the wall or signs that bay windows are starting to bow.

Storage Space

Make sure that you have enough storage space within the house or even in the garden if you have a lot of equipment or bicycles.

Which Way Does It Face?

Some houses may appear dark because of the direction they face. Find out which rooms will get the sun to see if that suits your needs.

The Roof

Find out what state the roof is in and whether it’s likely to need replacing.

The Price

Decide what your budget is and consider other costs associated with buying a house such as conveyancing fees, removal costs and any renovation costs. If you’re concerned about the costs of conveyancing fees, you could consider using an online conveyancing service where you can get a quick quote online. There are lots to choose from, but one like Sam Conveyancing will provide you with the information and help you need.

The Plumbing

Run a few taps to see what state the plumbing is in. Look out for signs of noisy plumbing or leaking pipes. Boilers can be costly to replace – find out how old the boiler is.


Have a look at the windows and the frames to see if they are likely to need replacing soon. Badly fitting windows can make a house cold and noisy.

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