Keep an eye on your flat roof

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Flat roofing can offer many benefits. You can, for example:

  • Keep interiors warmer as these roofs absorb the sun faster than those with slatted surfaces.
  • Have solar panels installed on them.
  • Enjoy a cost-effective choice for construction.
  • Install faster than other roofing types.
  • Enjoy easy access and easier inspections.

However, flat roofing can experience unique problems due to its design. You should not delay getting your roof checked. If you do, you could have a serious problem. For Roofing Companies Bristol, contact Mogford Prescott, one of the best Roofing Companies Bristol.

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Flat Roof Defects

Due to the fact that water cannot drain from flat roofs naturally, they require more maintenance and checking. Regular checks can prevent problems from becoming major headaches. There are some issues that flat roofs commonly experience:

Standing Water

This type of roof is prone to pooling water. If water pools for more than three days, there is a risk of damage. This is especially important to check in the autumn and winter. Insufficient drainage, or, believe it or not – a roof that is too flat – can exacerbate the problem. Although the name implies that the roof is flat, it usually has a slight slope. Standing water and snow or ice are also common problems.

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Thermal movement

Roofs that are constantly heated and cooled can cause the materials to expand or contract. In order to avoid cracking, it is important to use materials that are able to cope with the movement.


The roof membrane can blister if moisture is trapped in small pockets. This is a common problem that gets worse during the day as the heat of the sun causes the moisture in the roof to expand.

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