How to narrow the pores in the face?

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Mask to narrow the pores in the face contributes to the normalization of the functions of the sebaceous glands. One of the problems that bring discomfort and is the cause of inflammation is the enlarged pores. To thoroughly cleanse and tighten the sebaceous gland ducts, you must use a special mask to narrow the pores of the face.

pores in the face

Very often, this defect is inherent to the owners of fat and mixed type of the cover, while the dry type of girls says, on the contrary, an excess narrowed pores in the face, which prevent the release of fat from iron.

On your face can cause serious complications, skin diseases, if time does not respond to the first signs of dilated pores and begin a complete elimination of this problem with the help of masks narrowing and other means.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat properly, take careful care of the face, and after a couple of weeks you will find that the cover has a natural tone, the pores are reduced and your face looks rested. You should check face cleansing reviews before applying.

Stages of care to narrow the pores

  • Clean, regular and timely. If you have a greasy or problematic type of cover, enlarged pores, then cleaning should be significantly longer. At least three times a day, wash or clean the daytime problem areas with sanitary napkins. Use lotions and foams to wash, and after washing, tone your face with refreshing means.
  • A separate point is to highlight the “hard” cleaning of the face with the help of special brushes, exfoliates, masks. With extended pores, this procedure should be performed more frequently than usual.
  • Choosing the right makeup for your type of cover. There have always been expansion conversations in what you need to cover much drainage using agents that contain alcohol, and sometimes even the necessary moisture and light meals appropriate masks.
  • The use of a mask to reduce pores in the face. The special media are not designed to mask extended pores but are intended to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and the functioning of the cover.

To ensure that the problem of dilated pores is not so acute, it is recommended to wash it with cold water or ice cubes especially frozen vegetable decoctions, infusions of tea and coffee.

Mask from activated charcoal for narrowing of expanded pores

What do you need?

  • Aspirin tablet;
  • An activated charcoal tablet;
  • Powder of gelatin – a teaspoon;
  • Water – 2 teaspoons.


  • Gelatin, filled with a teaspoon of warm water, set aside for 15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, open the aspirin and coal and add the remaining water to them.
  • Mix the prepared mixtures in one bowl and put the mass in a water bath. The mixture should become warm and homogeneous.

After removing from the plate means immediately lubricate their face. The product solves the problem of dilated pores, in a short time removes the redness of the inflamed skin and desiccates them, thereby healing the dermis and giving it a beautiful appearance. Keep reading

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