The Rise and Success of Jamaican Singer Rik Rok

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Rik Rok is one of the most popular Jamaican reggae singers. He started his music career in 1968 and has since released many albums, including “No More Heartaches” and “Love is Gone”. He also released several singles such as “Foolin’ Around”, “Free Up”, and “The Best is Yet to Come”. His net worth is $40 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.


Rik Rok is a Jamaica-born reggae singer who has enjoyed considerable success in his native country as well as abroad. He was born Winston Rodney on the 19th of October 1965, which makes him 46 years old at this writing. Rik Rok’s father is well known Jamaican reggae artist Winston Rodney. His mother was also active in music before she died when Rik Rok was only five years old. The young singer grew up listening to his father perform at local venues and recording studios around Kingston and began performing with him by age eight or nine.

Rik Rok’s career took off in 1985 when he released his first album, “Babylon Ska”. The title track became an instant hit due its catchy lyrics about Jamaica’s political climate at that time: “We’re gonna fight for our rights/We’re gonna fight until we win.” This song remains popular today among Jamaicans who want independence from British rule but still enjoy British culture because it tells listeners not let anyone tell them what they can’t do even if those people happen.

Music Career

Rik Rok is a Jamaican reggae singer who has released several albums over the years, including the hit singles “Dancehall Queen” and “Bag A Money.” His music career started in 1993 when he released his debut album, Rik Rok. This was followed by numerous other albums including Ultimate Dancehall Hits in 2000 and Best Of Dancehall Reggae Hits Vol 1-5 between 2002 and 2007.

Personal Life

Rik Rok is a married man, with two children. He has been in a relationship with his long-term girlfriend, Nadia, since he was 17 years old. They got married in 2007 and have been together ever since. Rik Rok’s son is named Rik Jr., who was born in 2008 and became an actor at the age of 12 after appearing on his father’s music video “Much Love”. In 2015, they welcomed another child into their family: a daughter named Rikki Leigh (born October 22nd).

Rik Rok grew up around police officers as his father was one himself. This made him want to become one too! However after graduating high school he found himself becoming more interested in singing than joining law enforcement so decided against following in his father’s footsteps professionally but instead chose music as his career path instead something which has worked out very well for him so far!

Net WorthJamaican Singer Rik Rok Net Worth

Rik Rok is a Jamaican singer and producer who has an estimated net worth of $100 million. He began his career as a member of the reggae band Rik Rok & The Wild Bunch, who released their first album in 1994. The group has released four studio albums so far: “Rik Rok”, “Uptown Shuffle”, “Let’s Ride” and “Natural Born Chillers”.

After leaving the group in 1999, he started working as a producer for artists such as Sean Paul, Beenie Man and Lady Saw. In 2005 Rik Rok won an Emmy Award for producing the song “Dancing Shoes” by Shaggy featuring Rikrok.


Rik Rok is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and record producer. He is also a member of the Rastafari movement. Rik’s hit songs include “We Run Things” and “Rise and Fall”.

Rik was born on July 12th in Kingston, Jamaica where he grew up with his four brothers and sisters. His father was a musician who played various instruments such as guitar, bass guitar as well as keyboard instruments such as piano and organ. His mother used to sing at home when Rik was growing up so he grew up listening to reggae music all his life which helped him develop an interest in becoming a musician too!

Interesting Facts

Rik Rok was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He is a singer and songwriter who has released two studio albums: “Rise” (2010) and “Rise Again” (2012). Rik Rok is also a member of the Rastafari Movement.


Rik Rok is a popular Jamaican singer who has made an impact in the music industry with his unique voice and style. He has won several awards for his work, including Best Male Vocalist at the Reggae/Soca Awards in 2016 and 2017. In addition to being a talented musician, Rik also works as a producer and songwriter for other artists around the world who want their music recorded in Jamaica.

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