Some of the Big Problems Caused by Tree Roots

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One of the biggest problems caused by tree roots is the spreading of the roots into unwanted areas. This happens when the roots of the tree grow too far into the ground. It’s even more of a problem if you’re dealing with a large tree that spreads to several times its radius. Depending on the size of the tree, it can even result in rotting of a property’s foundations. Eventually, this can lead to a lot of damage, including the need to carry out vast and expensive repairs.

While tree roots are important for the health of trees, they’re often overlooked. In fact, they’re the largest contributors to the health of trees. A tree root can grow as large as several feet in diameter and can cause a leaky foundation or block a water pipe.

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Depending on the size of your tree, the problem can be large or small. Invasive tree roots can damage pavements and streets, sneak into septic lines, and cause trip hazards. There’s no single solution to these problems, but the best solution will depend on the location and type of tree you have. But it’s important to know that root systems vary widely between trees, and they may not be completely a problem for your home. For examining underground pipes that might have been impacted by roots, consider CCTV Drainage Surveys from a company like

If a tree is planted near an underground pipe, it may experience problems with tree roots. The roots of trees don’t discriminate when it comes to the nutrients they need. These “feeder” roots will go deep and wide into the soil to find water. Once inside, they’ll expand and break the pipe and cause a leak. This can be a very expensive problem. And it’s only one of many.

In addition to uprooting pavements, tree roots can damage a home’s foundation. The problem of girdling is often not visible on the surface of the ground, but it can be visible. In these cases, the problem can be more severe if the roots are too close to the pipe. This is because a tree’s roots are constantly searching for water. They will eventually grow into the pipe and grow in it as they find pipes as a main source of water.

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Another major problem caused by tree roots is that they can affect the pipes that supply water to your home. If a tree is planted near an underground pipe, it will likely experience problems with tree roots at some point in the future, depending on the size of the tree. The roots aren’t particularly picky about the nutrients they take in, but they do need to be placed in a specific spot. This is where the most tree root troubles can arise. If you are not careful, you may end up with a mess.


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