Who Is James Cordon?

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The man behind The Late Show is none other than legendary TV presenter, James Corden. If you enjoy interviewing celebrities and other famous people, or just want to see someone in action on television, then The Late Show with James Cordon is the show for you. Corden first came on to The Late Show as an extra and did not have a clear story to tell, which is exactly how he got his role on the show in the first place. From there, he built up a devoted following and became one of the best hosts in the business, loved by people across America, Europe, Asia, as well as Australia.

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The secret behind The Late Show with James Cordon, as well as with many of the shows he has been a part of, is that he knows how to make people laugh. Corden has been known to take a controversial topic, bring it to light, and make people think about what they would say if they were in his position, or if they were friends with him. This is what makes his role on The Late Show so special. He makes people think, and this is what any great television show needs in order to be a hit.

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Over the last few months there has been speculation that James and his family may move back to the UK as he has been missing his parents and sister. For people in the UK he will always be known as Smithy from the hit series Gavin and Stacey. Thousands of people would tune in to watch the latest episodes, after having a TV Aerials Swansea company such as One Vision Tv Aerials come in to fix an aerial for them. For months the nation was gripped, waiting to find out whether Nessa and Smithy would finally become an official couple.


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