How music consumption on mobile phones has changed

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In the past, there were only two or three ways that you could purchase music. The first was via a vinyl record. This was a long-playing round plastic disc that used a stylus, basically a needle, that would run through a groove as the disc rotated on a record player. The second was a cassette tape. This is a magnetic strip that went through a roller. The third option was a Compact Disc. The Compact was a digital record that translated the music via zeroes and ones with the laser acting as a stylus.

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These ways of music storage and reproduction were the norm for decades until the internet came along.  Music sudden had a new way of being sold and stored by customers. Rather than having to store vast numbers of records, tapes and CD’s the physical space required was made redundant. Soundfiles could be downloaded and passed to people via email or stored on memory sticks. The music collections on computers are easier to store and organise.

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However, phones proved to be a much better way of storing and transporting music. With the introduction of streaming sites such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music, to name a few, a massive array of choice and listening options were made available. There was no need to purchase 1 CD every month; you could have a world of music for that much a month. Need a new one? Vodafone Store Ireland based stores have plenty. Visit King Communications to find one.

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