What is an excavator used for?

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An excavator is a powerful machine used for digging and other earth-moving activities. It is a valuable piece of equipment on a construction site, used for a variety of different tasks.
It is also an essential asset in industries such as pit mining, quarrying, material handling, demolition and forestry, as it can drastically reduce the amount of labour and time required to complete a project. An excavator can dig anywhere from 350 to 1,000 cubic yards per day.

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What is an excavator?

An excavator is made up of several parts. The metal arm is called a boom, which comprises two sections – the inner boom and the outer boom. The inner boom is attached to the main body. The cab also houses the operator’s seat and the control panel, allowing the operator to control the machine.

Modern excavators allow for the attachment of a wide range of digging buckets and other tools. These ensure the machine can be adapted to the task at hand, with the ability to dig a wide range of trench widths and depths. The joystick-style controls are broadly similar across different manufacturers, ensuring familiarity and ease of use for operators across the world.

Which one do I need?

Smaller excavators are usually used for residential or small commercial projects, such as using a mini excavator to build a garden pond, demolish a wall, or move earth for a driveway.

Larger excavators are used for large scale excavation work. This can be for a variety of projects such as clearing land, digging foundations, major earthwork projects for road building and public infrastructure developments.

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These versatile machines can move both dirt and materials quickly and accurately, but it is important to use the right size excavator for the job. Always use a reputable company, who can advise you on Excavator Hire Leicester and other locations across the country.

If you are looking for excavator hire in Leicester or Lanarkshire, it is essential to get a quote beforehand. A reputable firm will be happy to discuss your requirements to ensure you get the right size exactor for your project. Excavator hire Leicester and other locations will save time and labour costs in any project requiring digging and / or moving loose materials.

From digging trenches for drainage to clearing land, excavators are vital equipment in the modern economy.

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