Fence Ideas For Small Gardens

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A carefully-considered fence can make a big impact on small gardens, outlining your outdoor space and adding some extra style to proceedings. But it’s important to decide what level of privacy and security you want from your garden fences, as these will influence everything from the type of material you choose to its overall design. To find out more about Fencing Gloucester, go to Greenfields, supplier of Fencing Gloucester.

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A hedge is the classic boundary choice for cottage-style gardens, with plants like hawthorn and box providing a rustic look and acting as a wildlife habitat. But if you prefer a less formal look, a simple wooden garden fence can be just as attractive. Use horizontal bars that act as a trellis, and train climbing or vining plants such as roses, clematis or honeysuckle to grow laterally along them. This makes them look a little like a living fence idea and also hides the fence’s panels for a fresh, green finish.

Consider using a woven fence panel for a natural, rustic feel. Weaved fences can add a charming country or cottage garden look to any home garden, whether you’re looking for something traditional and rural or modern. They’re often more economical than standard fencing panels, too, and can be finished off with a coat of wood preserving varnish to keep them protected.

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If you’re looking for a fencing material that feels a little more modern, try Corten steel, which will naturally weather for a distinctive look. This rusty brown hue suits many types of gardening styles, and can be paired with a variety of colours for a versatile design.

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