A beginner’s guide to brand strategy

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Many modern consumers select the companies with which they do business based on their position within their marketplace, the success with which they project their brand, and the alignment of the company’s ethics with their own.
57.5% of consumers are attracted to a business by its strong personality. Therefore, companies wishing to attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones need a strong brand strategy.

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What is a brand strategy?

A brand strategy is the means by which a company projects its values and offering to current and prospective customers. When developing a brand strategy, a business will outline the way in which it wishes to be perceived by its customers, the unique value proposition that will appeal to its target audience and the way in which it will project its purpose and identity.

Many businesses employ the services of a brand strategy agency such as www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk to help them to craft a compelling brand story that sets them apart from the competition and connects with their target audience at a personal level.

What does a brand strategy agency do?

A brand strategy agency can help a business to express why customers should choose them, rather than the competition, the next time that they need a product or service that the business can offer. A brand strategy agency helps a business to understand the needs, desires and motivations of its target audience in order to tailor all communications that it emits to resonate with those needs.

They will support the business in developing a consistent tone of voice, regardless of the medium that is used, to build trust and credibility. They can also perform valuable competitor analysis to help a business to understand where it should target its efforts to improve its return on investment.

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In conclusion

A strong and consistent brand strategy fosters trust and loyalty among customers which can increase sales and profitability. Brand strategy agencies are experts in this field and can assist businesses in creating and implementing an effective branding strategy which will help their business to thrive.

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