How to protect your crops

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The Great British weather can be unpredictable and this can make growing crops efficiently, a little difficult. When it comes to protecting crops from the environment and pests there are a number of things that you can do.

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Water Irrigation Systems – these systems can help when the hot summer weather hits. In the UK these heatwaves can seem to appear out of nowhere and it is important to ensure that your crops are getting regular water. When you have lots of crops to keep an eye on, using a watering can for this job is not possible. This is where irrigation systems like the ones from can help provide water when it is most needed.

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Scarecrows – although you might think that these are an old fashioned way of protecting crops, they still work. They help to prevent birds from landing on your newly planted soil and digging up your seeds and can also help to prevent them from eating the younger plants as well.

Cold frames & greenhouses – if you are planning on starting your plants off in colder weather or perhaps you want to grow crops that won’t fare very well in the UK climate, you might want to look at using cold frames and greenhouses. These allow you to regulate the temperatures inside by using heaters that are specifically designed for this work.

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