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What is a floor plan for the best house in the world

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Floor Plan It is the section where walls, doors, windows, etc. are represented, at a height that allows establishing the numerous particularities that refer to its construction. You can define a floor plan, such as the drawing of a set of dependencies that consists of a building or any work. All of them located on the same level.

The plant can be a roof when it is what you want to represent or what is most important to us. The floor plans are made as if the house or building had been cut by a horizontal plane. By eliminating the upper part, everything that was cut and what is below that cut is visible.

What is the floor plan?

floor plan

The floor plans are scale drawings that show the relationship between rooms, spaces and physical characteristics seen from above. They offer a way to visualize how people will move through space. The floor plans make it easy to verify if space is appropriate for its intended purpose, analyze any potential problems and redesign before moving on to more elaborate planning and construction stages. It can also be fun to experiment with different design alternatives and circulation flows, which show how people move through space.

Renowned architect Jean Nouvel said, “Space and more space: architects always talk about space. However, creating a space is not automatically making architecture. With the same space, you can create a masterpiece or cause a disaster. “That’s why, whether we have to build” houses “or have a convention run smoothly for attendees, a floor plan is a place where you start to create and generate a diagram of a logical space according to the requirements of the end user.

Floor plan vs. building plans

floor plan

The floor plans show the global vision of a living, working and outdoor spaces. Although they should be scaled drawings, the floor plans do not have enough information so that builders can actually build a house or other structure. Instead, a floor plan is essentially a simple diagram that shows the distribution of rooms and offers a conceptual starting point. A builder needs complete drawings or drawings ready for construction, with technical information that you will not find in most of the floor plans.

Space planning and circulation in new and existing environments

Space planning is important in new structures, but it is also important when reorganizing existing spaces to determine how to use them more efficiently. Space planning is taking a demand as a differentiated service from architecture companies for many reasons: office spaces in multi-story buildings with unfinished interiors, the high speed of organizational growth thanks to technological changes, personnel cuts, and the reorganization. You can learn more about it in Space Planning, published by the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Circulation and traffic flow

floor plan

In any space where people live, work, buy or gather, the distribution of the environments and the flow from one space to another make a difference in the feeling and usefulness of the environment. Good circulation and traffic flow depending on what space is being planned; For example, in a space for sales, you may want to direct the way visitors move through space, and in an art gallery, you may want to make traffic less restrictive to avoid bottlenecks. Depending on the way the area is divided, the interior spaces of the same size may feel very different depending on the lines of visibility (a line of visibility is the theoretical line of sight of an observer with respect to an object or area that is observed).

Flow and Feng Shui

The idea of flow does not simply apply to the physical movement of people through space. Feng shui or the art and science of creating a harmonious environment has been in use for more than 5000 years to organize public and private spaces. Today, feng shui practitioners around the world use scaled floor plans to design new structures and reorganize existing environments in a way that follows the strict rules of the old practice.

Examples of distribution of floor plans

floor plan

Floor plans are generally considered the first step in designing environments for the home or office, but these fundamental diagrams are used for many other purposes, including plans for gardens, plans for emergency exit strategies the planning of parking areas and the exhibition plans.

Garden design

The exterior spaces need a plane as much as the interior environments. A good plan begins with an inventory and detailed analysis of the site, and a base map with precise measurements to plan both the solid elements (yards, driveway, sidewalks) and future plantings. Do you need help planning your garden? Check out Lucidchart’s cloud software for landscape design.


In general, the trend in office space has gone through separate offices, cubicles and even the floor plan of open spaces. Although there are pros and cons to open plans, they are probably here to stay, simply because their construction costs less and they can handle personnel changes more easily. No matter what kind of space organizations choose for their staff, floor plans for new or reorganized spaces are a step that saves time and money, and that no company can afford to ignore.

Public Spaces

floor plan

Museums, schools, government buildings and hospitals, which must meet the needs of both personal and large numbers of people moving their spaces, require special consideration in terms of security, entry, and exit, and work areas and meeting. The layout of the floor plan is an important initial step in creating the right kind of space. Having a clear floor plan is also essential in these large spaces to guide the public with maps, either interactive or printed. They are used as a way to establish an orientation signaling.

It can be simple and easy to create a floor plan with this intelligent creator. Start with the template you need and then create a professional blueprint to design your ideal home. When drawing a floor plan, you only need to drag and drop the predefined elements you want in a suitable place. Leave all the tricks difficult to Edraw and enjoy the process of creation and the result.

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