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Your Son Wants A Motorcycle, And Now What? Here Are Tips

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When a young man prepares to examine himself on these cards it is because he already has plans to have a motorcycle and that is where the parents begin to sweat the big picture. What happens when my son says he wants to have a motorcycle?

Let’s give some perspective and try to answer seven big questions in a reasoned and reasonable way, being honest, because we have also gone through the opposite process.

Does my child need a motorcycle?


The first factor and the most objective to take into account when determining this decision is to consider if the young person really needs a motorcycle (or moped) in his life. Knowing whether the use of a two-wheel motor vehicle is a factor that will have a positive impact on our child is fundamental, otherwise, it would simply be a whim.

A whim that can be dangerous and very expensive indeed. Our mission as parents will be to pair two very different worlds, such as the yearning of the children or their hobbies and ensure their safety. And all this without hurting your feelings, or not doing it as much as possible.

My son needs a motorcycle, really?

Faced with the objective arguments of the parents (or more objectives from their point of view), our offspring will unfold an extensive pleiad of arguments with which he will try to convince us that he needs a motorcycle to improve in various aspects of his life. Some will be valid and others not so, our mission as adults will be to evaluate each of them and give them the degree of importance they deserve.

Comparative social grievances such as “Jaime have bought it” or “all my friends have” with which we will try to convince, there are other arguments such as “I approved everything” (which is a duty that would not deserve reward, but we accept it) or “it’s my passion” that can convince us

Is my child responsible for having a motorcycle?


As with pets, for example, having a first motorcycle is always an exercise in pure responsibility. Beyond the fact of knowing or not knowing how to drive it, the young person will have to learn to take care of his new vehicle and take care of himself in an environment as hostile as traffic in open traffic, where he must learn to relate in a cordial manner, from Respect and traffic regulations.

In addition, mechanically all motorcycles need a series of minimum care of which the novel will have to take over completely if he wants to keep his mount in perfect condition, establishing a maintenance discipline. That or else take the bike to the workshop every two times. And this reminds us of another important thing.

Will I support my son’s emotional blackmail?

In the event that a parent decides to use these reasonable tools to explain why their child should NOT have a motorcycle, they begin a journey through the desert. Day after day, meeting after meeting, the parents will suffer a continuous siege when the young person enters “tired mode”.

The phrases manias, pitiful and torticeras will be the bread of every day. Any minimally social event will become an awkward situation in which the child will not waste any opportunity to take profit without mercy based on reproaches or scenes. The strength of will of the parents will be determinant to keep the defense high in a combat that can be prolonged indefinitely. Specifically, until it becomes independent.

Am I willing to cope with all the changes involved?


Even if it’s repetitive, we have to be very sure that our son is responsible enough to give him the keys to a motorcycle. Understanding that you have obtained the appropriate license and be a responsible person, there will be things that will begin to change radically.

A new level of autonomy and independence will enter the house. The entry/exit schedules will be completely modified, maybe the friendships change and even the way of relating to the rest of the family. All these variations are beyond the intervention of parents, who can only manage it in the most mature way possible.

Can I take advantage of my son’s having a motorcycle?


Of course yes. All of us present here have probably been young (we still are still others) and we have gone through this situation from the point of view of the young man who wants to convince his parents to have a motorcycle. We better than anyone else can put ourselves in their shoes and take advantage to take advantage of an opportunity like this.

Teach our offspring the necessary respect with oneself and with other users of the road to enter the world of two wheels, live the passion for motorcycling in the first person, share experiences together, teach the basics (or not so basic) maintenance or just a talk about motorcycles is a golden opportunity to strengthen ties and instill the values that we bikers so proud of.

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