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The best Useful Tips On The Sheets And Duvets At Home

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Bedding is in contact with us at least one-third of our lives, so making a good choice and taking care of it with care is an essential task to ensure a healthy sleep.

Many dermatitis and allergies are caused or exacerbated precisely by a poor selection or care of the bedding. That is the reason why washing the bedding with care guarantees a satisfactory sleep and better health in sensitive people. To choose the bedding well you have to know at least three types of fabrics for sheets (also duvet covers).

Cotton sheets: the choice of quality


If you envy the touch of the sheets of the good hotels, soft but starchy, almost “crunchy”, then decide for cotton sheets of good quality, such as Egyptian cotton or calico. It is the best choice for bedding, and last a long time in perfect condition, so it makes up for the investment. They are nice sheets, that perspire and of excellent touch. The combed cotton bedding has hypoallergenic properties since impurities have been eliminated in its manufacture. In return, they wrinkle a little.

Sheets with the mix: do not wrinkle


These are sheets that mix cotton with polyester. Its advantage is that they do not wrinkle, they do not shrink. But the touch is less pleasant and they are less cool than those of cotton. They resist hot washings worse, and sometimes they fill with balls.

Linen sheets


This is a much more resistant fabric than cotton, not yellowish with time and with each wash it becomes even softer. This type of sheets is a great conductor of the heat due to the compact and smooth structure of its fibers, which is why they are ideal for summer. They wash like cotton. The only drawback is that they wrinkle more than the others, but with an iron set to the maximum heat and with the help of steam from it, the sheet will be smoothed without any problem.

The care of the bedding does not require special sacrifices, but it is convenient to know this:

Wash before the first use to eliminate traces of chemical substances from the manufacturer. The quality cotton shrinks little and only in the first wash, and in fact, the shrinkage is already calculated (+/- 3%). The worst quality can shrink up to 12%.

Mites nest on mattresses and bedding. Aspira the mattress and Put a cover with zipping. Also, cover the pillows. It is convenient to wash the covers once a month.

Change the bedding at least once a week.


Regarding the washing temperature, follow the instructions on the label. You can do without the softener. If your area is hard water (bad combination with the detergent), throw more product and wash at 40ÂșC.

If you add half a cup of baking soda to the detergent of the washing machine, you will deodorize the sheets, you will give luminosity to the colors and you will whiten the sheets that yellow.

Dry in the sun whenever you can. It is the best disinfectant and bleach.

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