The clothes that remain a Mens fashion staple for winter.

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There is a lot to be said for investing in some timeless pieces that will last you for years. As fond as you might be of seeing the latest fashion trends, not only are you going to save a lot of money for yourself, but you are going to do your bit for the world and not keep throwing clothes away when they go out of fashion.

Where are you starting from? There are a few staples that you absolutely should not forget while you are revamping your winter wardrobe. Have a look at EJ Menswear for some excellent Tommy Bowe Menswear

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Heavy Knits

Like a chunky sweater or cardigan, nothing says winter. In particular, waffle and cable knits are common and last well for several seasons. Many have heavy collars and shawls that resist the cold breeze.

On autumn evenings at the pub, they make a cosy alternative to a blazer.

A big blazer of wool

The fashion trailblazers are wearing early ’90s tailoring right now according to the style gurus at GQ magazine, and that includes thick woollen blazers.

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A scarf that’s cosy

It’s a shame that there are so many men who refuse to wear scarves because they think they’re just for women. This can’t have been further from the facts.

Any outfit will finish off with a classy wool or cashmere scarf. Depending on the impact you are trying to create, there are so many ways to wear a scarf.

Boots that are smart

From about October onwards, the weather can be very unpredictable, so to stay warm and dry, you need the right boots. It’s not appropriate for boots to be clumpy or scruffy. They can be very clever, but they have to be robust.  Rarely is one pair necessary. To see you through the vagaries of the winter season, you will need two pairs.

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