Mortgage providers and their duties

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Signing an occupier consent form is one activity many people will hesitate to carry out without the right independent legal advice, and with good reason. An occupier consent form is otherwise known as a deed of consent. Some people may also know it as an occupier’s waiver form or deed of postponement. They usually need to be signed by individuals aged 18 or over. It is imperative that the occupiers seek superb independent legal advice as they may not be informed of the rights they are giving up.

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Good mortgage lenders or providers want their deals to be done professionally and will therefore request their potential new clients organise their own legal advice or representation in order to carry put the transaction in a fair and ethical way. Completing transactions fairly has an effect on every person involved and prevents the exploitation of any stakeholders. It also ensures the company involved maintains a good reputation and increases the chances of more future business. Customers can use various ways to provide feedback during and after the completion of their transaction. This could be done in person or anonymously and may also include writing online reviews. Online reviews help new customers pick the right lenders for them and creates an environment of transparency.

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