How to Have a Successful Garden Clearout

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A garden can be for many people their pride and joy – a place to grow beautiful plants and vegetables, a place to sit and relax at the end of a long day, for the kids to play in a safe space and a little part of nature on our own back doorstep. But if you have recently moved into a property with a garden that has definitely seen better days, there is only one thing to do – and that’s a garden clearance!

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Clearing out a garden that has been neglected is a big job, but is also a rewarding one! If you want to get the garden looking great, it is important that you start with a blank canvas and this means that the first thing to do is a really good clear out. It is often a good idea to get a skip from a good local company like this Swansea skip hire company Pendragon skip hire before you begin.

A shed is the obvious place to start and something that may well be full of clutter. Give it a good clear out and a clean and you will have a place to keep all of your own gardening equipment, and kids outdoor play equipment.

It may also be that trees and bushes need cutting back if they have become overgrown. You might want to get a tree surgeon in to do this as it can be a dangerous job if you haven’t got much experience with it.

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When it comes to the ground itself, dead leaves should be collected up and got rid of, as well as any debris that is on the ground, so you will have a safe garden that is then a blank slate to do as you like with.

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