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Timber framed extensions are normally built to accommodate extra rooms if you wish, such as a conservatory or a sun room. Timber framing has been in existence for over one thousand years and was first used in England, from the fifteenth century, and remains highly popular with solicitors due to its simple yet effective construction. It provides strong support for the interior as well as the exterior walls and you can add features such as a conservatory, sun room, or study all on one attached wall.

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Your Timber Framed Extension Builders such as Timberpride will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect design, with the right size and the correct internal and external supports, which will result in the most seamless finish and the highest quality materials used. The styling of your Timber Frame Extension can depend on the size, age, purpose, use, style and of course your individual requirements. An extension should be a worthwhile investment for your home, which should stand the test of time. The overall cost of timber framed extensions will depend on many factors such as the amount of external timber you require, the age of the timber you require, the size of the room you require, and the type of timber used.

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Companies will often take on pre-construction work on a temporary basis and this will allow you to compare their services, along with their costs. An experienced on-site contractor will also be able to give you a clear indication of any possible drawbacks that might come up during the build, which may also help to make your decision easier.


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