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The Types Of Relationships That Exist For Todays

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Although many argue that love knows no labels, it is necessary to know that there are several types of relationships governed by certain characteristics that a couple determines through their actions.

Sometimes both parties have a well-defined motive that makes them be together; However, many are still asking what is the reason that unites them.

Distance relationship (Types Of Relationships).

Types Of Relationships

Before there were no kilometers in between and now they have sneaked a few hundred or thousands but you have to try. Maybe love endures the distance … or not

Types Of Relationships Through Apps to link.

Flirting on Tinder, the social dating network can be the most; But then, when you are face to face, you get some disappointment. However, some people prefer to heat the networks.

Open relationship. (Types Of Relationships)

“You and I roll up but we have a free track to do it whenever we want, with whoever we want, even if it’s not you”. Better look for another person.

Classical relationship

Types Of Relationships

Boy falls in love with the girl. Boy goes out with the girl. After a while, the boy and girl live together. Relationship “we are only friends”.

Everyone believes that they have to be together and they insist on being “just friends”.

A relationship without making decisions.

They do not talk about how the relationship is if it is settled if they are a couple if they can do whatever they want. It’s scary to talk and make decisions so it’s fine as it is and everyone thinks what they want.

“Strange” relationship.

Types Of Relationships

The typical one in which you know the two people, you know that they are totally different and, even so, they are together. You do not know what they see each other but there they are, adding years together.

Relationship of all life.

He has been the first in EVERYTHING and the last because they cling to spending the rest of their days’ side by side. The problem is when you see that they are 30 years old and it seems that they have problems of a marriage of 50.

Relationship of only sex.

Types Of Relationships

There is no love, only sex, sex, and sex. Nobody falls in love with the other but the sexual connection is too good to let it escape.

Overly familiar relationship

His parents become your parents, his brothers are your brothers, his nephews are your nephews and when the relationship ends, you break with the whole family.

The relationship that never ends.

They were five years old, they left it and that a few months ago, but they are still together. Something as toxic as “neither with you nor without you”.

Relationship with the ex-partner of your best friend.

Types Of Relationships

The touch makes love and if you have spent time with that couple of friends, it is normal that you look at that person as a couple. The bad thing is when they confirm their relationship and they have to face each other with your best friend and ex-partner. Gulp!

Relationship “because I do not know how to be alone”.

Do not wait to fall in love or feel butterflies in the stomach. Change your partner and your underwear because you have panic to loneliness and stay to dress saints.

Summer relationship.

This season of the year is very suitable to live intensely a relationship that before you start you know that it has an expiration date: the last day of summer. That does not mean that you do not have to live it.

Perfect relationship(Types Of Relationships)

Types Of Relationships

It is your soul mate and you know it. That it is perfect does not mean that there are no fights, but you have found that person you were looking for and who you doubted existed. Now it’s there, by your side.

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