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The Mouse as a Work Tool or as Something so Every Day Can Improve

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This last point, that of believing yourself to be sufficient and productive – that it can be and I say it from my own experience – working without the mouse is perhaps one of the strongest reasons for never and until now I had used a mouse to work.

Being able to get the job without requiring an additional tool, does not even go through your mind to buy or even borrow this type of peripherals to know what could change your way of working, or just to vary a bit the routine.

What are the Mouses for?­­­­

The Mouse

The mouse is  a hardware of the peripheral type (an input device), used in computers to perform various actions and execute commands to the computer itself, by means of its right, left buttons (central button and scroll in case of owning them) , with which the user can interact with the computer and several programs through the mouses cursor.

These devices have been evolving technologically by adding functions to their buttons and increasing said buttons (in the first sun exile one or two buttons), as well as in their type of connection, varying from those that are connected by an RS-232 type cable, cables with PS / 2 connection, USB cable connection, up to the current wireless via infrared or other systems, likewise they also vary in sizes and shapes.

The Mouse

Its internal operation of a mouse can be through a system of rollers that are driven by a ball located inside the mouse, which by means of said rollers activate sensors that transmit the movements turning them into signals that the computer translates to orders and movements of the cursor. In case of having another internal type of operation such as the optical one, this work of detection of the movements, is carried out by several optical light sensors, and its subsequent translation to logical orders interpreted by the computer corresponding to the movements made and the orders made by a mouse buttons, visible (through the cursor).

The mouse makes managing programs and applications easier.

The Mouse

We can open and close files, pages and various documents using the mouse in the various graphical environments of operating systems (for example Windows, OS and Linux graphics environments).

With it, we can select files, this through its right button by clicking on the files we want and “pulling” the cursor either by using a keyboard key (control) or only with the buttons of a mouse itself.

The mouse allows you to execute actions in one click.

Searching files or diverse documents is much easier using a mouse, than if we did it with devices like the keyboard, in graphic environments the mouse allows us to move through the programs and internal devices (hard drives) and external (memories, hard drives external, DVD, and others), to find the information we want, easily selecting music, documents, programs and others we need.

The mouse is used to work all the program.

The Mouse

Thanks to this device the user can easily manipulate programs such as video editing, images, games, and the internet. With it, we can manage video games control, or execute program execution commands by clicking on a button or dragging this or that computer element at our discretion and needs.

It is used to draw and edit images

The Mouse

We can draw and edit images with a very large facility, in the various design and editing programs. This thanks to the great maneuverability that allows us to use the mouse in the environments of image editing and its various tools.

It facilitates the edition of texts

Text editing in word processors that works in graphical environments (such as WordPad, AbiWord, Works, Microsoft Word, notepad, and others), is easier thanks to the fact that with the mouse we can locate and change the cursor of writing, select texts to highlight them, move them from place, cut them, copy them or delete them.

The mouse facilitates playing video games

The Mouse

Many computer games, as well as computer equipment, do not have special devices for their use (such as the joystick), as well as some games, are designed for execution using this device. As an accessory that is easily used with one hand, they easily play such games using only the mouse and its respective buttons, or by combining the mouse with the keyboard.

The mouse is usually one of the peripherals of our PC  to which we pay less attention, although, in reality, it is one of the essential tools when doing work since it allows us to carry out hundreds of functions with just one click. Therefore, when choosing a mouse for our computer we must take into account a number of factors that will allow us to select the best option according to our requirements and the benefits offered by each model. In this post, we will know the history, the present and the future of this fantastic tool, which allows us to communicate with the PC in a simple and transparent way for decades. All this is about this article, but we will also include some practical tips to buy a mouse and get the best out of this device.

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