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The Modern Small Living Room Design for Home and Hotel

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The decoration of the modern small living room that we have chosen for you to find a good source of inspiration include photographs of great designers, sensational decoration stores, and many styles to find yours.

There are many aspects that you have to take care of the rooms, details that sometimes go unnoticed but that will be those that generate sensations to anyone who enjoys this space. We give you some ideas and we show you some good pictures to inspire you.

Modern small living room with fireplace

Modern small living room

For a few years, chimneys have become one of the fundamental elements of all salons, not only for the aesthetic but also the fire, that is, a cozy and warm place.

Although the chimneys are integrated into the living rooms, in most cases, there are also portable fireplaces and they are very well in any room of the room, this is because it is a modern and different complement.

The chimneys, apart from being integrated into the architecture or being portable, can be distinguished by the materials in which they are manufactured. They can be steel chimneys, with wheel shapes, work, aquarium…

Small modern rooms

When we have small rooms, their decoration is complicated because we want to get more space and also be functional. It is complicated but not difficult, in this article you will discover how to decorate the modern small living room by optimizing the space and with the right design.

Modern small living room

The lighting is very important, whether natural, it will always be much better than artificial. The living rooms with light seem wider, the more light more sensation of amplitude we will have, In addition to lighting, colors also influence to give that sense of spaciousness, so we recommend you use white.

As our goal is to gain space, we have to take into account the design, that is, if we can put a small sofa, or if we want sofas a little larger put them around a small table.

Modern Living Rooms in White

Modern small living room

White is a classic that never dies and is still fashionable year after year. The modern white rooms are a success either because it is the main color in the decoration of the modern small living room, furniture and walls. The decoration in white always is the protagonist of the decoration of Nordic halls. As you know, white brings light to the living room, gives the sensation of spaciousness and generates a warm, cozy and serene atmosphere for people in the room. In the next gallery, you will find the best ideas for modern white living rooms, you will see the decoration and the furniture so that you can choose the ones that you like the most.

Modern Living Room Colors

Modern small living room

Have you tired of the appearance of the room and want a change? This is the perfect section for you since we are going to show you the latest trends in the colors of the modern small living room, be it the painting of the walls or the furniture. One of the trends that are most fashionable is the combination of colors, each wall of a color but always following a harmony. Without forgetting the salons in a single color that goes combining different tonalities or always the same one where the protagonist is taken by the furniture. In this gallery, we show you all the colorful ideas of modern living rooms.

Modern small living room: furniture

Modern small living room

Current trends or what we call modern salons are characterized by enhancing spacious spaces and make each room is bright. A few years ago, we saw how the wooden elements and the large cabinets that went from wall to wall were the most desired; At present, and in the photographs that we are going to show you throughout the article, they show us how the trends have changed and what you are looking for are functional cabinets but that do not absorb so much space. The furniture that right now is ideal for modern living rooms is those that go unnoticed in terms of space, taking more prominence on the sofa and the decorative elements themselves.

Therefore, one of the most talked about and most related to modernity is the minimalist styles. This type of decoration is defined by the above, the excess of furniture is completely out of place and is committed to functional furniture, mostly straight lines and that favor the feeling of spaciousness.

The furniture that we would include in this style would be those that provide functionality and those that have to do with decorative aspects are left out. That is, only the most basic is included.

Modern living rooms: curtains

The curtains, a decorative element, and privacy that has always been very present in this space pass to a second place. In many photographs that you will see in this article, you will see that they are not included in modern classrooms.

Modern small living room

It is true that its functionality within the salons has been clear, not only to avoid the sun or prying eyes, it has also brought color to the rooms. Now, it is also an object that can generate a sensation of space and amplitude, so it is feasible, not to put curtains, increase the luminosity and this sensation. Even so, despite this appreciation that we make for you to also decide if you want to include it or not within them, you will see other photographs in which you will ask what would be of this room without its curtains? Notice in this, the contribution of color produces harmony in the decoration and liveliness.

Modern living rooms: Rugs

Modern small living room

Carpets yes, no carpets? A great question and many possible answers because, beyond which the carpet is a wonderful fabric that insulates from the cold in the winter, for some it becomes an essential element of any modern small living room and, for others, it is a complete discomfort for All the cleaning care required. If we rely on the trends that we can see in the great interior designers and the photographs that we show you, carpets are included in modern living rooms and have not gone down in history. If you are thinking of including a carpet in the decoration, pay attention to the colors and main geometric shapes of the room you are creating. This can make it much easier to find the perfect carpet for your modern living room.

Modern living rooms: Light

The luminosity is fundamental for any type of stay. If we talk about modern living rooms, whether large or small, light is one of the main characteristics that should never be lacking.

Modern small living room

The natural light is ideal, bet large windows that allow impinges on the inside and that generates such a great feeling of spaciousness, having the outside inside comfortably. But, and this is great but, we know that it is not always possible to have this possibility, so the next option is to have a good artificial lighting system. The ceiling lamps, wall, and decor are essential to have that extra light so important. Take your time to choose the lamp design that best suits your needs and the chosen decoration style, so you can focus on the type of light you want (cold, warm, etc.).

In the gallery of images that we present you can see a wide variety of modern small living room that will be absolutely inspiring. Different sizes, styles, colors, combinations … Surely you find in each room something that makes you fall in love.


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