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The First American Gold Rush

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As you are probably already aware, Gold is an incredibly precious metal that we use for a number of different purposes including in the jewellery that we wear. One of the most well known time periods that brought us a large amount of Gold was that of the California Gold Rush.

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Although this is probably the one that most people have heard about, it wasn;t actually the first one in America. Years before the gold was found at Sutter’s Mill a golden nugget that weighed 17 pounds was found in Cabarrus County which is located in North Carolina. At the height of its production over 30,000 people were working at this site and all the American gold coins were produced by using gold that came from this area.

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Gold mining requires the use of mining equipment and a detailed water infrastructure. This is because gold weighs a lot more than the other rocks that are pulled out as a result of the mining. The gold nuggets therefore drop to the bottom of the water channels which then allows them to be collected. The work is very labour intensive and the workers needed to wear durable clothing. Another interesting fact is that mens levi jeans, like the ones we can buy from EJ Menswear , were actually worn first by these miners. This was due to the fact that denim is incredibly durable.

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