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The best true goals for relationships for humanity or personal

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Many years ago I was single and was in search of a girlfriend, I commented with an excellent psychologist friend, much older than me and with his great experience and wisdom he asked me a question that apparently had resolved in my head, but in reality no, I only had a series of vague ideas that even many contrasted and that did not allow me to develop 100% in that area. Was that question? And why do you want the goals for relationships?

To which this good friend replied

goals for relationships

My response at that time was totally vague and full of common things like To go out for a drink, to go to the movies, to go to parties, to go to eat, to talk, to love me and I want it, a series of etceteras and to make love, was my last response.

Can not you go for a drink with the goals for relationships? Or at the movies with your family? Can you not attend parties alone or with your friends? Do not you talk to me or your friends and family?

The true objective

goals for relationships

In real life, goals for relationships human beings do everything with the people around us, friends, family, co-workers, less a thing, our sexuality? Actually a couple is apart from everything else, with whom we perform and carry out the sexual act, and that is the main reason why we need a couple both men and women, but the issue has been totally distorted since our formation, because Things are instilled by our parents that cause us to lose the real objective.

Disrupting relationships and love of a couple

goals for relationships

It is very common for women to be told as girls, that a couple is to care for them, to protect them, to fall in love day after day because they are princesses? and often prejudiced, they are told that a couple is to keep them, of course by telling them that the goals for relationships is inclined, not to who attracts them sexually, but to who can keep them but not prospected or trained to be subject to the economic dispositions of your partner as they are inserting an idea that includes not working or developing professionally and will be under the protection of her husband and the care of children and home.

The conflicts of a couple

goals for relationships

The conflicts of couple comes from our homes, that’s where we interpret what is supposed to be a couple goals for relationships such as courtship and marriage and where we put what we learned as prejudices in the relationships of our parents, although we have parents with failed relationships, without affection, nor respect because like us, they received this information that has distorted their real and clear objective, they become a hell relations.

The external factors

goals for relationships

If you observe, in social networks there are thousands of pages and millions of people who put phrases like? If he loves you he will look for you ?, Do not suffer for someone who does not care about having you or not ?, and a myriad of expressions that speak to us What should goals for relationships do or what should we do if these people? they work as we want or as socially they think they should be. Exactly the same is what happens when we approach a friend or friend to ask for advice, of course, we should not ask for it if we really knew what we want a couple for, but many people go there and from their analysis and experience they are able to tell us things like: What about you, towards this thing or something else? distorting or removing us from the true objective that of course, they do not know it or they are not clear about it.

What do you get by reaching the goal?

goals for relationships

If you come to understand the true purpose of goals for relationships and carry out actions to make this happen, you get something that many people call “happiness”, clearly shared with that other person.

This is achieved by understanding that we are not something else, she is not our mother and should not function like her, neither is our father, our brother, sister or our friend, is our partner, whom we kiss, hold hands and with whom we carry out our sexuality and for that to happen, we have to respect, love and enjoy everything we do, like eating, going to the movies, going out to dance, going to a concert and everything we as human beings do, because this is the preamble of our goals for relationships, right? the objective.

And if we goals for relationships all those good moments with our sexualities, we can be closer to the happiness that only occurs – enjoying? everything we do with that person.But of course, the two would have to agree and get rid of the prejudices and objectives distorted and inserted from our childhood and by the people around them.

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