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The best screen sharing apps your over the Internet

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The utilities of screen sharing apps over the Internet with someone are countless: to provide some technical help, to do a joint work, to proceed to an explanation … In this way, several people may be watching the same process at the same time and even accompany it with annotations.

The technical complexity of such a process does not go beyond that of a video distributed in streaming, so it is not surprising that a large number of services have emerged that allow this task to be carried out.

The Best Recommended screen sharing apps

The need of Android users to view, organize and send multimedia files or encrypted information between Android devices and other devices, lead to the screen sharing apps to duplicate. The applications to duplicate connect Android to other devices.

screen sharing apps

Apart from the qualities it has to share, users can double the screen of their Android phone in Personal Mac / Linux Computers or devices such as Smart TV, i-PAD. One of the qualities of some of these applications is that it could be used by groups of different ages, and this is due to its regulatory functions. These regulatory functions make it good for Educational and Parental purposes.

Screenleap, share the screen quickly and Easily

screen sharing apps

If you want to screen sharing apps desktop with others in the most direct way possible, nothing like Screenleap. This solution does not even require installing a client since from the web browser itself and without having to create an account you can perform the process in a matter of seconds. This allows it to be also accessible on mobile devices, provided they have a compatible browser. The only requirement is to have Java and not demand a very high quality.

Skype, for those who do not want to look for more

screen sharing apps

But if you are looking for something that can work more smoothly and do not want to be installing more programs on your computer, you may be interested to know that Skype has a fairly competent option to screen sharing apps. The process can be done while we are having a conversation with one or several people, although, in the case of group calls, Skype Premium must be available.

Join.me, a complete solution

screen sharing apps

Of the three solutions discussed, it is undoubtedly the most complete, and in fact, it is mainly oriented to professional environments. It has a fairly complete free version that allows multi-screen, send documents, remote control and other options that are extended with the paid version of Join.me. Available with screen sharing apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

In addition, screen sharing apps for duplication can be used individually or for a group of people, for Educational and Business presentations or for Games. Duplication applications can be free or paid, some of the free ones have full paid versions where there is unlimited access to full functions of the applications.If you are looking for an ideal tool for this, here is a selection of the best screen sharing apps to share your screen over the Internet. Within your differences, surely one adapts to your needs.

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