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The best buy times a car: Know the reasons and the key dates

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The best buy times a car ago we received a curious question through our contact form in which one of you asked us about the best times of the year to buy a new car and we found it so interesting that we decided to share our opinion and our knowledge with you. Buying our vehicle at the right time can be around moved if we consider some key factors that can save us hundreds or even thousands of euros in your purchase.

Best buy times by the car at the end of the year: Is December the best month to buy?

Best buy times

The most widespread rumors are that the purchase at the end of the calendar year is the best date since dealers want to close the year with the highest possible registrations. This need to register a certain number of cars or exceed that number is carried out to meet the sales objectives set by the brand and in this way obtain all the advantages that it announced at the beginning of the season and that focus on discounts for volume of sales, discounts when reaching an objective (Rappels), or bonuses of suppliers and financiers.

By the end of the year dealers are discounting the best buy times to meet their annual sales targets so it is true that the purchase at the end of the year, is a smart purchase, however, there is no guarantee that a sale at the end of the year.

When are you most anxious best buy times?

Best buy times

Well, at the end of the month there is an action in all the dealers known as “closing of the month”. At this moment, each concession takes stock of the operations that have been closed and of those that have not. As is logical, in the last 4 days of the month, the dealer already knows if it was a good month or a bad month so in those days and as long as it was a bad month, they will be more willing to offer a better discount that for example, at the beginning of the month.

“Squeezing” the commercial is not always a good idea nor does it work: Things have changed …

Best buy times

Despite what we can think, the economic best buy times situation does not help us because most of the sellers (understood by these, the commercial that faces the public), in times of economic bonanza, worked on a commission , however, today, this commission has been transformed into a fixed one that in occasions is, from my point of view quite ridiculous for the weight that this figure has in the sale process.

Choosing the dealer is also key to obtaining a better price

Best buy times
Yes, it may seem silly but it is not. The more sales volume the dealer has, the better prices we can get at the time of purchase so the best thing you can do is go in search of the largest dealer near your home.

If you have time to spare, you can make your purchase in another community. Compare prices is never bad and leave the big cities either


Everyone denies it but it is a fact, at present neither in all the concessionaires nor in all the provinces the same prices are offered. Leaving aside the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, a trip of 100 km can save you several hundred euros in the purchase of the same product.

Best buy times

In vehicles more we find such differences is in hybrid best buy times (although in recent months there has been widespread enough) and although dealers deny, in some provinces, there are agreements between them in order to “not throw down” the prices and improve their benefits by not “eating your commission”.

The fact of having been enrolled in December of the previous year and being caught dust in the basement of the concession, together with the need to recover the investment (to achieve objectives) in a very useful tool to negotiate. The problem will be that we must acquire a car already registered and equipped to taste the concession.

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